With this interactive web application you can generate custom visuals using the common inputs of browsing the web. In this case clicking and moving the cursor around.

Let me tell you about myself...

As a user experience designer, I very much enjoy working on products and services that are awesome to use or make your life easier. Next to that I'm passionate about the outdoors. Going back to basic and explore new places.

i'm active

i'm organized

i'm on top of it

I'm an offline as well as online problem solver.

Perhaps you prefer a different color. No problem...


These are some of my skills.

I have a creative mind and enjoy diving into complex systems and problems. I've worked on diverse projects and have a broad set of skills.

Rapid prototyping

Creative thinking

Interface design

Costumer journey mapping



Didn't you notice the blocks? You also did not change the color yet.

What blocks? What color?